In Review: Charles Rice Goff II - Genre Party

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In Review: Charles Rice Goff II - Genre Party

By way of a privileged perch at Tapegerm Collective I've had the pleasure of seeing parts of this album unfold. And by "pleasure" I mean this album tickles many of my pleasure points.

It's a challenging album. Charles Goff's invention always sounds in peak form, and his invention here is constantly percolating some kind of brew or another -- and it's going to taste surprising whatever it turns out becoming.

Revolution 999, for instance is a cover of the Beatles' Revolution 9. Beloved for ranging reasons by experimental music lovers, the original has a firm place in our minds and takes many of back to a different time. Goff has reinterpreted here while keeping the original's sense and feel. What I kept finding intriguing and beautiful is how Charles weaves various motifs from 9 into 999, always unexpectedly. I find myself caught up in the interplay of sounds and then harkening back to the original as a familiar theme makes an appearance.

Goff calls the style of Genre Party "dada" which effectively describes the idea of a "Genre Party" -- a wild mix of genres. There is everything from twenties swing to electronics composed and melodic. It often bends decidedly off-kilter and is decidedly fun while doing so.

Listen to some fun and exciting music here, folks.


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