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About Blind Mime Studio

Blind Mime has been recording music for many years. It's probably only with the perspective of having done it for 35+ years and living 55 that calling it "absurd" has true meaning.

The recordings here are mostly one-off recordings, never meant to be collected into an album, really. But albums happened as musicians are wont to do.

And now hearing it here it seems as if there was a plan all along, which itself makes it even more absurd.

So here we are exploring an absurd world that we've found ourselves immersed in, and the more we explore, the more absurdity we find and we find it absurd that more people don't see it.

But a few of you will and become friends and share in our pointless quest. You'll find a forum where we shall discuss such matters and more.

Life is funny.


About blindmime

Blind Mime Studio is an absurdist audio and visual arts journal and studio based in Salt Lake City, USA.

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