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There may be more problems than the hurricane. See next report, for "Man Murdered by Mascot".

Its eyes pierce through my soul.

Journalism Genius

Journalism Genius

Since when?

Irony can be delicious, or it can stick to the roof of your mouth, and make you regret the previous hour of over-indulgence.

45th Anniversary of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”

45th Anniversary of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”

“He sang away from the microphone, mumbled and whispered, all with a sense of precariousness and doom. “It was like being at the bedside of a dying man who wants to tell you a secret, but who keeps changing his mind at the last minute.” -Brian Cullman Band Camp interviews several bands on the... -- read post

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music & lyric by bf baker

It's Sunny again
She comes around now and then
In through my window
She falls upon my sheets
And kisses my face
Saying, "Ain't life sweet?"
Then Sunny, again, is taking my hand
And flashing her smile -- ain't life grand?
Then Sunny steals the show
Seems everyone know
Is saying we are quite the pair
Me and Sunny everywhere...

Yes, it's Sunny again
She comes around now and then
But Sunny, again,
Will leave me, I know
Oh, Sunny
Take me everywhere you go!
And I'll never tell a soul
 / 10