Category: Blind Mime Ensemble

  • The Bulldozer’s Lament

    The Bulldozer’s Lament

    “The Bulldozer’s Lament” by Briyan Frederick’s Blind Mime Ensemble is a haunting instrumental piece featuring the sounds of construction provided by Walter Campbell for the Electronic Cottage compilation project, KONSTRUCK, in spring 2023. This piece attempts to evoke the image of a lonely bulldozer clearing a desolate landscape.

  • Song: A 9/11 Every Day

    Song: A 9/11 Every Day

    Credits: Lyric and music by Bryan Baker. © Brian F Baker. Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP. Sources by: Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, anixas, peeler, shaud, Zapruder Red, mystified, kongbalong, Solaris, Cystem, JSG58, This was created both as an entry at and as a Gamegerm project at Songfight publishes a prospective song title…

  • I Can’t Tell You

    I Can’t Tell You

    Music and lyric by Bryan Baker Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP © Brian F Baker – all rights reserved. The first guitar I purchased was out of the Sears catalog; a Gibson copy with a sunburst red finish. Guitar tech has never been my thing, but this was not a great guitar. My brother,…

  • Kite On a String

    Kite On a String

    Kite On a String This kite on a stringIs moving to and froAnd this kite on a stringDoesn’t know which way to go Now I know it’s not just meAnd I know it’s just not trueYes, I know it’s not just meWho feels the way I do [chordChart title=”Em,G,A,D” frets=”022000,,,” labels=”x13421,,,”] This kite on a…

  • The Best Advice

    The Best Advice

    The Best Advice Words and music by Brian F Baker© Bryan Baker, Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved. Original Version Recorded in Bountiful around 2010 for the Elementary Penguins album. For a few tracks on that album I was exploring ideas around found lyrics and searched Twitter for tweats about advice or…

  • Hey Ruth

    Hey Ruth

    Words and music by Brian F Baker© Brian F Baker, Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAPAll rights reserved. Hey, RuthWhat are you searching for?Besides a little truthBesides a little truthSometimes the truth can be disguisedIn a thousand little liesAnd sometimes I am blind…Sometimes Mmm…Hey, RuthWhat did you lose back inThe carnival kissing boothDo I want to know the truth?Sometimes a kiss is just a kissUnless you find something you’ve missedAnd sometimes it’s just this…Sometimes I’ve held you close and said these thingsA million times, I knowJust to touch your butterfly wingsAnd watch you die almost Hey, RuthIn a moment you’ll be goneAfter these words becomeWhat I choose to call the truthMmm…Forgotten, but that IWill turn them over in my mindTime after timeSometimes Mmm… Hey, Ruth! Mmm… Hey, Ruth