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Blind Mime is an audio, visual and communication arts studio based in Salt Lake City, featuring the work of Bryan Baker. Bryan is the publisher of the seminal GAJOOB Magazine and a founder/developer of the Tapegerm Collective, an experimental collaboration network of artists formed in 1999. He is head of operations at a Top 100 print house on Salt Lake's west side with over 30 years of graphic design work.

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WMG Serves blind mime a Youtube Takedown

By: blindmime
Posted in: Blog

I was just going to post a video I made a few months back with the composition "An Introduction to Something and Nothing". However, when I went to my youtube video page I found this:


My video is made up entirely of content found in one video from the Prelinger Archives called All About Polymorphics published in 1959 by Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Inc. and now in Public Domain.

The Obits video contains some of the same public domain content.

So I just sent Youtube/Google a nice letter per their instructions here:https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6005919 , requesting they reinstate my video since my video only contains the public domain video also found in the Obits video and nothing else.

I'm guessing Youtube has a bot smart enough to match video content, but stupid enough not to know that the content is public domain. Or the bot is plenty smart, but WMG failed to include that bit of information in their data.

I shall keep my agitating fans (judging from the 4 views the video has currently received) updated on any results blind mime receives.

At least someone or something noticed me.