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Blind Mime is the audio and visual arts studio of Bryan Baker, publisher of GAJOOB Magazine, Discover Sounds and the founder/developer of Tapegerm and Homemade Music.

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Twisted Tools 33% Off December

By: blindmime
Posted in: Tech
Twisted Tools 33% Off December

Big discounts are apparently the thing this month which is good to find as I'm newly exploring and/or rediscovering what's out there. I was looking around for iPad controlled instruments and effects and came across Twisted Tools and its Scapes effect software which can be controlled with lemur on the iPad. Crazy stuff. Or Krazy stuff, if you're talking electronic lingo, I suppose.

Twisted is offering 33% off this month and you don't need to enter a code to get it, it's discounted automatically when you place any item in your cart.