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Blind Mime is the audio and visual arts studio of Bryan Baker, publisher of GAJOOB Magazine, Discover Sounds and the founder/developer of Tapegerm and Homemade Music.

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RIP Greg Stomberg

By: blindmime
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RIP Greg Stomberg

Greg Stomberg was a renaissance man of sorts with creative interests ranging from homespun folk/rock (GW Smith and Family) to electronic and experimental recording (Syberite). His Beatle covers compilations ran for years with many home tapers participating all for fun. His collaborations with Dan Susnara explored altered conscious streams using spoken word and music. Greg was also a prolific author and has several books available on Amazon and elsewhere. His gentle and curious soul left the world way too soon (and suddenly) this August 2017, leaving behind many artist comrades and his lovely wife, Misty. Greg will be missed.