Tommy P. has launched a September EP Project in the Portastudio and Other 4-Track Cassette Recorders facebook group. The stipulations are minimal: record 15 minutes on a t-track cassette in September and post up your link.

Blind Mime Ensemble intends participating.[0]=AZXTmJfFmSLP4cpPw0RBUagDBvn3oct3UODNi1ohrawE6d9x0IPFLgT57zE2u8mSP_FhIA047P5jLY6CA5PQ2WjUEn0Gw0iHT9yEHJNh0jkaaRZEDjsnadQQtMtsPOLu1e1PtT1Wk-e1382QPfRHzF4sXo6b3kRKyJHCzGGRhQeiANUh_5nxeaHuP505UrXalJs&tn=-UC%2CP-R

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