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  • Song: Feathers

    Song: Feathers

    My entry in this week’s songfight is a collaboration with Hoblit, who is another songfight regular… It’s cool how this came together. When I thought of feathers I thought of it as a love song to a stripper coming from a shlub at a table in a club. (the Paradise Club in Vegas is a…

  • Hey Ruth

    Hey Ruth

    Words and music by Brian F Baker© Brian F Baker, Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAPAll rights reserved. Hey, RuthWhat are you searching for?Besides a little truthBesides a little truthSometimes the truth can be disguisedIn a thousand little liesAnd sometimes I am blind…Sometimes Mmm…Hey, RuthWhat did you lose back inThe carnival kissing boothDo I want to know the truth?Sometimes a kiss is just a kissUnless you find something you’ve missedAnd sometimes it’s just this…Sometimes I’ve held you close and said these thingsA million times, I knowJust to touch your butterfly wingsAnd watch you die almost Hey, RuthIn a moment you’ll be goneAfter these words becomeWhat I choose to call the truthMmm…Forgotten, but that IWill turn them over in my mindTime after timeSometimes Mmm… Hey, Ruth! Mmm… Hey, Ruth