Underground Graphics

As publisher of GAJOOB Magazine, I’ve received thousands of underground cassettes, self-made CD’s, zines, postcards and all kinds of random outsider creations.

Making  a living as a graphic artist for 30+ years, a major appeal for me in publishing GAJOOB was always the graphic voice of the artists we featured. 

As various books, articles, online groups and others cover the history of cassette culture and other underground art pre-Internet, an important, integral part of its milieu is being overlooked.

Underground.Graphics is where I highlight the graphic art of the underground by extracting graphics found in zines, homemade music releases, chapbooks, letters and various bits of art flotsam that found its way into my post office box over the years.

Now I extract pieces that we can wear or display and add these voices to our own expression so the art continues to live and contribute to the artgeist of our lives.